Onsite Planning

With basement entry doors, thoughtful planning makes for a precise installation. We sweat the details before we break ground.

During your free site consultation, we review:

  • Work site accessibility
  • Access for materials
  • Location of landscape features, utility meters, air conditioning compressors and fences
  • Drainage issues
  • Location of property lines
  • Basement ceiling height and load-bearing walls
  • Need for safety railings and hand rails
  • Options for disposal of excavated dirt

We measure for:
  • Number of steps needed
  • Size and placement of door
  • Size and placement of retaining walls

Our comprehensive written proposal for your job includes:
  • Detailed description of job and materials to be used
  • Information on homeowner responsibilities
  • Written warranty
  • Complete estimate that shows all costs for door installation

You create the look you want:
  • Select a door that swings open or slides
  • Double doors are an option, if space allows
  • Foundation Builders offers concrete retaining walls in Ledgestone finish
  • Other wall options are available for shallow installations

When you choose Foundation Builders for your installation, we:
  • Provide drawings necessary for the permitting process
  • Can obtain necessary permits for you
  • Meet with you to discuss final architectural drawings
  • Engineer and build retaining walls that comply with building codes