Installation Process

“In The Trenches” Foundation Builders LLC Basement Outside Entry Complete

Since we started the project on Tuesday with this blog series I’m going to have to quickly go through the final stages for our Basement Outside Entry. On every Friday that a new project is posted you will be shown the finishing touches and a photo of the completed project. Once again if you are viewing this for the first time we are taking you behind the scenes of our construction with “In The Trenches”, you can follow the project from beginning to end by viewing the first post with the “In The Trenches” title by Foundation Builders LLC.


“In The Trenches” Foundation Builders LLC Cutting into the basement wall.

This customer’s basement was underground so we had to dig and pick the appropriate spot to cut into as I showed you on the previous blog post. As promised “In The Trenches” takes you behind the scenes of our work and today I you will see how we actually cut into the basement wall and safely remove the...


“In The Trenches” Outside Entry part 2

As I showed you with the previous post this week’s feature is about an Outside Basement Entry that we installed for a customer. Some of the most frequent questions we have been receiving from prospects is whether or not we can cut into their basement wall and also if we can install an Entry into a basement that is already underground. (More FAQ’s)


“In The Trenches” Outside Entry

The project that we will be focusing on at Foundation Builders LLC’s blog series “In The Trenches” is an outside basement Entry. Like I said in the opening blog for the series, I will be taking you behind the scenes of our past projects so you can see how the whole process comes together.