Planning the Installation

With basement egress windows or any basement remodeling project, thoughtful planning makes for a precise installation. That is why we take a thorough look at your project during the Free Site Consultation so we can prepare a detailed, thorough and fair proposal for you. Compare our proposal with other basement contractors.

During your free site consultation, we look at:

  • Work site access routes
  • Location of utility meters, air conditioning equipment, fences and gates
  • Possible Drainage issues
  • Location of property lines
  • Basement ceiling height
  • Places to dispose of the excavated dirt from the window well
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We measure based on IRC Building Codes in Ohio and Kentucky focused on:

  • Size and placement of the egress window on your basement wall
  • Location of the window well
  • Clearances from utility meters
  • Clearances from all buried utility lines
  • Obstructions that may affect the window and well installation
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We mark the location of the new window with spray paint on the ground.

Next, you chose a window:

  • A wide variety of sizes and types are available.
  • Select a window that slides open or swings in and out (casement style). Double-hung windows can also be installed if space allows.
  • We recommend the high-quality window products from Jeld Wen or Anderson Windows.
  • We make sure your new window meets the requirements of all IRC Building codes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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Double Hung

Next, you chose your window well:
  • Remember the window well will be your “view.” A nice-looking well is a worthwhile investment. Take a look at our Window Well Options.
  • Foundation Builders uses durable, egress compliant, composite wells from Rockwell Inc. and Boman Kemp that provide a sturdy, textured surface resembling rock.
  • Other Rockwell Window well options include corrugated metal, wood or concrete. Powder coated steel wells are available from Boman Kemp.
Boman Kemp Rockwell Inc.  Rockwell Inc.

Once the planning is complete, it is time for installation! Start planning your basement egress window project with us today, give us a call 513 753-6699 or click the red button on the top right of this page for your Free Site Consultation.