Installation Process

Installing a basement egress window is a complex process that requires in-depth knowledge and experience in order for it to be installed correctly. Cutting into the Foundation to install the basement Egress Compliant window is serious work that should not be taken lightly, after all the Foundation keeps your home upright, you wouldn’t want just some guy in a truck cutting into your Foundation. Foundation Builders has the equipment, experience and expertise to make sure the job is done right the first time in an efficient and timely manner. Contact us today 513 753-6699 or click the red button on the top right for a free site consultation.

Step 1: How do we begin the Egress Window Installation Process?

Before we dig, we contact the local utilities protection service to mark the location of underground utilities. We ask you about any other buried lines or hazards such as electrical lines running to a shed or garage, pet fences, downspout drains or cable television lines that you may know about. 

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We mark the property line with your neighbor so that we make sure we stay on your property. This is important to us because not only do we respect your property, we respect your neighbor’s as well.

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Foundation Builders’ crews use a small excavator for rough grading and digging. When we drive our excavator on your property we use plastic ground cover mats on your lawn to protect it from our equipment (Other contractors leave ruts). We will stake our reputation on this statement: We do more to protect your landscaping than any other basement contractor in Greater Cincinnati. Basically we treat your yard like your carpet.

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How do we protect your yard?

We lay ground cover mats over a plastic drop cloth to place the dirt during excavation this helps keep your yard protected and the job site clean. We also place mats under the excavator to ensure that your yard is not damaged in any way.

Your new window well may require a hole that is 6 feet wide and 5 feet out form the wall and is 5 to 6 feet deep. Soil conditions, Utility line locations, and ground water can make excavation a labor-intensive process. We will remove about 4 cubic yards of dirt. We can leave this dirt on your property if you need it or we will haul it away, it’s up to you. 

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We excavate and connect with your home’s existing foundation drainage system to avoid leaks.


Step 2: Can we cut into the Foundation or Basement Wall?

This is a common question we come across and the answer is yes, we can cut into almost any wall. Once excavation is complete, it’s time to cut your basement wall. Our Diamond-blade saws use water to eliminate dust when cutting through the basement wall. All cutting is done from the exterior to keep dust out of your basement. Other basement remodelers may require you to rip up your carpet, not us!

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Step 3: How is the Window Frame Installed?

We build a wood frame for the window. Then we fasten the frame to the basement walls/Foundation and seal any gaps with expansion foam and caulking.


Step 4: Installing the Window Well

The basement window well keeps dirt away from your window and acts as a retaining wall.

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The window well walls are mounted to the wall with bolts and backfilled with dirt. A layer of washed stone, about 9 inches deep, fills the bottom of the well and drains to the existing foundation drainage system.

Step 5: Installing the Basement Window

The window unit is set in place, and then made level and plumb. After the window unit is fastened to the frame, gaps are filled with foam.
We install low-maintenance composite trim around the outside of the window to complete the seal and create a finished look. We seal the trim to the foundation and to the window to prevent leaking.

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Step 6: Will there be any cleanup or mess left?

Leave all of the Restoration to us, with No Mess Egress we take care of the restoration because we care about your property.

The area surrounding the new window well is graded away from your house.

Foundation Builders leaves your job site free from debris and dust and your yard looking as if we were never there. Unlike other contractors in Cincinnati we take extra steps to make sure your yard is protected and not damaged, we call it No Mess Egress.

 Your new window is in place and ready for interior trim.

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Optional interior finishing

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We offer interior finishing as an option when installing a window in a finished room. We will leave the wall “ready to wet sand and paint”. We can do this for you.

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