Basement Egress Benefits

What can an Egress Window do for you and your home? 

Number One: Safety 

A basement egress window provides your loved ones with an emergency exit path out of the basement in the event of a fire. If your home caught on fire and your basement stairs were blocked off, what would you do? Basement Egress windows are easy to open and are designed to be large enough for fire rescue crews and equipment to enter the basement living space. Check out this story here 

Number Two: Brings in Natural Light

Transform your basement into an area that brings warmth and energy into your home. Installing an Egress window in your basement enables natural light to shine through as well as adequate ventilation for fresh air. Adding natural light into your home creates life-changing benefits. Natural light reduces your energy costs because you will be using less heat, air conditioning and artificial light. It provides great health benefits as well. Research has shown that natural lighting helps people be more productive, happier, and calmer. Science has also shown that simply being exposed to a little bit of natural light helps reduce depression in both adults and children, which creates a great ambience for your living area. For all of the benefits for natural light click here.

Number 3: Increase Value

Consider the cost of building an addition to your home to “hopefully” increase the value in the future. Imagine increasing the value of your home by simply adding an extra bedroom, without the high cost of an addition. Installing an Egress window does exactly that. It gives you the most bang for your buck! In order for a room in your basement to be considered habitable space, it is required that you have an Egress compliant window and window well. This adds tremendous value to your home by adding an extra bedroom, home office, exercise room, play room for the kids or even a rental unit. The possibilities are endless.

Number 4: Meeting Building Codes

The International Residential Code 2000 requires that you have an Egress window installed in your lower level in order for it to be considered a habitable space. Installing an Egress window prevents you from getting into trouble and ensures that your house meets the building code requirements. For more detailed information about the building code requirements click Building Code Basics.

Number 5: Saves Money

Egress windows help you save money in multiple ways. The natural light that it provides reduces your overall energy costs. As stated earlier it reduces the amount of heat, air conditioning and artificial light that you use. It is considerably less expensive to install an Egress window in your basement compared to constructing a whole addition to your house. By adding an extra room in your basement you will actually increase your overall home value.